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Air Freight

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ULI has been a major influence in the trans-pacific airfreight market over the past 25 or so years. ULI maintains excellent relationships with the major airlines, tremendous buying capabilities, and priority space allocations during peak season. This combination has enabled us to be a leader in the trans-pacific airfreight arena. ULI also offers combination sea-air alternatives from North China, Myanmar and Cambodia which is a lower cost alternative to airfreight and a faster transit time alternative than sea freight.



Under the new Government  regulations, “10+2” requires that all data elements from the supply chain are to be reported the same as ABI, before the cargo is laden on board. ULI offers a way to manage this process through our technology in Asia. The responsibility for fines and penalties remains with the importer of record, thus ULI insures that all compliance is met in a timely accurate manor for all of our clients.